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Free Wifi 

Access to our local free WiFi for all guests

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  • Welcome


    David & Debbie welcome you to their website

    We have ran our friendly hotel since 1999

    The Newholme is situated close to the sea, The Imperial Hotel, The Hilton Hotel and shops, pubs & theatres.

  • Available Facilities

    Available Facilities

    All our rooms have en-suite shower rooms

    Tea, coffee facilities
    Clean linen & towels provided
    Cots & highchair available

  • Additional Facilities

    Additional Facilities

    Family Friendly licenced Bar
    Bar meals served all day
    Evening Meal optional
    Dining room with seperate tables
    Lounge with sea views
  • Locations Near

    Locations Near

    Blackpool North Train Station
    Bus Station
    Conference Centre
    Night Life
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Secure Parking

Being Motorcyclists and knowing how difficult it is to find somewhere to stay for you and your treasured possession (bike).

We offer secure garage & back yard parking for approx 12 average sized motorcycles free of charge so you can enjoy your stay knowing your bike is safe.

With the position of Blackpool this offers a great opportunity to get out to biking areas within a wide area without endless packing and unpacking to move from site to site.  Use us as a perfect base for your short breaks or even week long breaks.


Motorcyclists Places of Interest

  • Devils Bridge
  • Lake District
  • More Places

Devils Bridge 


Do you get bored easily? Do you want something to do? Well go down to Devil's bridge, where there are endless things to do. You can enjoy an ice-cream from Joseph's or a burger from the burger van, play on the beach, swim in the water, jump of the rocks- some people are even crazy enough to jump off of the bridge itself. Finally, you can admire the Devil'shand-print. Want to find out more? Well this is how it goes....

A long time a go there was a town on one side of the River Lune. The main road was on the other side. One day a woman wanted to cross the River and asked a Devil to build a bridge over it. The Devil agreed,but only if he could have the soul of the first body to cross it.The woman agreed as she was very clever and had a plan. During the night the bridge was built and as the Devil Lent back to admire his handiwork he realized that he had made a hand-print in the wet cement. He thought no more of it,but met up with the woman the next day.She had brought her dog with her-the Devil was confused. He asked for the first body to cross the bridge. He was puzzled when the woman released her dog and pushed it across the bridge as he had thought the woman would be the first to cross it. He realized he had been tricked and was so angry.He was never seen again.

There you go, that is the story of the Devil's hand-print. Don't believe it? Want to check it out? Well get down to Devil's Bridge!


With fantastic scenery and a great slection of roads.

Other places within easy reach of us are listed below.

  • Hawes 
  • North Yorkshire,  
  • Glasson DOck, Gartsang
  • Settle, North Yorkshire 
  • Rivington Barn, Nr Bolton, Lancs

We will be adding more details lists as we grow the site.


Room Rates

Please note all room rates are calculated on a per person per night basis.

Ensuite Room Only Rate

Ensuite Room + Breakfast Rate


Monday to Friday Breaks
(Bed & Breakfast)
£80.00 Per Person

Anybody looking for longer periods please contact us for a reduced rate.

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